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Beech Stone Farm

Quarter Beef - Deposit

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Buying grass-fed beef by the quarter direct from our farm allows you to enjoy premium grass-fed beef custom packaged to your preferences at a wholesale price.

Currently, we are taking deposits to reserve your quarter beef for delivery in October 2022.

A $250 deposit is required to secure your selection and the final balance is due with delivery.

An average quarter beef is 125 lbs and provides approximately 90 lbs of beef in your freezer.

The price of a quarter beef is $7.85/lb of hanging weight and the average total price is $980. There is no HST and your order can be picked up at the farm or delivered.

A quarter is ideal for one to three people that eat beef 1-3 times per week. 

CLICK HERE for to see how you can customize your beef!


Please note:

If you order a quarter beef, you will receive 50% of the cuts from a half beef. This will provide a sampling of all cuts available. 

Your selection of cuts can be made after the deposit is complete.


% of Total

Per Quarter







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