Our farm to your table

Beech Stone Farm prides itself on raising premium grass-fed beef
using traditional regenerative practices.

Our delicious beef is available in custom cuts and packages from our
farm to your table.

Meet Farmer Evan...

An unlikely journey to farming started during Evan’s Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences at U of T. While investigating the importance of omega-3s fats for sports performance and diabetes risk reduction. Evan realized the grocery store meats he and the family were eating were contributing to higher levels of unhealthy fats in their body.

In 2014 the Lewis family began their farming journey, moving from downtown Toronto to the rolling hills of Caledon. This allowed them to find mentors and learn about animal husbandry, developing pastures, and hay management.

After raising Berkshire pastured pork for three years, Evan embarked on a new challenge in 2019, grass-fed beef!

Demand from family and friends helped to quickly grow the herd. Moving to Beech Stone Farm in Orton in 2021 has allowed Evan to further expand his grass-fed program to offer the highest quality, healthiest beef available to family, friends and a growing customer base.

The Grass-Fed Advantage

Evan’s research quickly determined that grass-fed beef is the optimal protein for his family’s health. Because our cattle only consume high-quality pasture, this results in tender nutritious beef that has high amounts of healthy omega-3 fats and is loaded with vitamins A, B and E and calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

Our Herd

We specialize in Hereford and Red Angus cross cattle. In addition to being easy to handle, we have found these cattle perform vigorously on our grass-fed program that optimizes overall cattle health, weight gain and yields tender well-marbled meat.

Texas Longhorns - we have welcomed a small herd of Texas longhorns as Evan's speciality breeding program. Betty, Sally and friends not only clear overgrown areas we then turn into pasture but they fertilize as they go!

Beech Stone Farm Beef Customization

Customize Your Beef

Your beef order is fully customizable! Our butcher is able to provide you with your choice selections from each area of the beef based on your family's preferences.

It is important to note that customers who order a quarter beef will receive half of the cuts from a half so that you can enjoy all of the available cuts.

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