How Much Freezer Space Do I Need?

A quarter beef is approximately 4 cubic ft, which is the top of a stand-up fridge/freezer. A Half is approximately 8 cubic feet, which is about half of a chest freezer. 


How do I customize my order?

After you complete the deposit, you will be able to download your preference sheet. This will allow you to select how you want each of the four primal sections cut. You can create your own custom cuts or work from two preselected options – the Farm Favourite Sheet and the Farm Family Sheet.


What if I have questions about the different cuts?

We are happy to help you get exactly what you are looking for please email farmstore [at] beechstonefarm dot com


Are you certified organic?

We follow organic principles and use regenerative farming practices, but at this time we have not undertaken the paperwork and administrative burden of being certified organic. 


Do you offer Halal or Kosher?

Currently, we are able to offer our beef as Halal but not Kosher.


If I order a quarter or half, am I stuck with all roasts?

No! We have specially designed our offering so that if you order a quarter, you get half of the cuts from that half of beef. We think this is the fairest way to work and it provides you with a full selection of cuts.


Why do you sell wholesale?

As a family farm, we have decided that wholesale is the best way for us to provide high-quality beef to our customers.


Do you have any other options for beef?

During the spring and summer, we focus on our wholesale customers with quarters, half and whole beef orders, oh and rotating the cattle through pastures. In the fall we will offer a limited number of box options for sections that have not been pre-purchased. 


Do you supply any retail locations or restaurants?

Not currently, but we are always excited to explore new opportunities.


How is the final balance paid?

The final balance for your order of a quarter, half or whole beef is calculated from the hanging weight. Once we know this weight, we will contact you by phone or email to coordinate pick/delivery. The final balance can be paid by e-transfer.


After the deposit, can I make installment payments?

Yes. Please contact us to make this arrangement.