Boarding at Beech Stone Farm

Horse Heaven

Welcome to our slice of heaven at Beechstone Farm! Check out our boarding availability below and learn about our farm. For boarding enquiries please email aelewis[at] 

We are a private farm offering a limited space for boarding in quiet relaxed happy herds (maximum of 5 horses) in large fields and roomy stalls. Our priority is happy healthy horses. We are best suited to retired and semi-retired horses.
As owners ourselves of several seniors, young horses in development and our daughter's ponies we are hands on daily with each and every horse on the farm and they are treated as our own.


Hybrid Board $550 plus HST (one space available) 

  • Turnout Style: Hybrid board offering maximum turnout in quiet herds, large fields and overnight stalling in winter and when needed. Primarily 24/7 late spring to early fall outdoor board weather & footing permitting. Dedicated stall for grooming, farrier, vetting, winter overnight and bad weather turn-in.
  • Feed / Water: Guaranteed access at all times to fresh clean water and hay. Frost free drinking posts in the fields and clean fresh water buckets in stall. On-farm grown clean round bales netted and in huts in the fields and netted squares in stalls. Hay analysis from every field available. 
    Included is feeding of basic grain supplied by the farm (masterfeed brand) and ration balancer as needed tailored to the forage analysis. 
    Mineral blocks in fields. Basic mineral/salt/electrolyte added as needed to grain.
    **Note, we have large pastures ranging from 4 acreas to 8 acres. Through prime grazing season we find many horses don't require grain therefore the farm reserves the right to adjust grain feedings to best support horses needs.
  • Senior horse care we have a soft spot for the golden oldies. Some of the standard care we provide that is very important for seniors includes: hands on wellness check several times daily, close eye on general health and eating habits to catch any aging related needs early, soaked hay cubes if needed, soaked grain tailored to the needs of the horse ensuring appropriate calories and palatability but not grain overload. Multiple smaller meals throughout the day in a private paddock if needed.
  •  Colic prevention program as designed with our vet, we have a colic prevention program that all horses benefit from. This includes soaked hay cubes during changing and colic risk weather. As well as the addition of electrolytes and very close monitoring of hydration. Turnout on good footing so horses aren't stuck in stalls is a key feature at our farm. 
  • Grazing in 4+ acre size fields as the season the permits balancing horse needs and footing preservation.
  • Large field shelters in overnight fields 
  • Basic blanketing as needed and determined by the farm. Generally this means for horses that wear blankets we will change blankets to ensure horses maintain suitable temperatures. 
  • Texts, photos and videos to stay in touch with your horse between visits.

Outdoor only board - $400 plus hst (no space open at this time)

Our outdoor board includes all of the above but stall use is limited to grooming, vet & farrier and extreme bad weather ex: ice storms in particular can create dangerous footing. At the discretion of the farm, stalling will be provided for the safety of your horse at no extra cost.

About us & our farm

Our farm dream started with Mars, the best first horse our family could have asked for. Measuring in at 17hh a Percheron cross with the best school horse style personality, our dream of having a huge field for him for the rest of his life (and maybe a couple of friends) set in motion the early plans for BeechStone Farm. Our family now includes Mars (22yr old Percheron), Whiskey (16 yr old Clydesdale cross), Poppy (early teen clyde cross), Mac (4 yr old Percheron cross), Wellington (3 yr old Clydesdale cross), Thora (rescue Percheron yearling), Breeze (late teens pony) and Abby (mid-teens pony). We lovingly remember Storm, our larger than life driving Percheron. Our farm is also home to donkeys, goats, alpalca and a small longhorn & mixed cattle herd! We participate in and have a wonderful coach for jumping, hunter, dressage and pony lessons. 

We are proud to offer 98 acres of peaceful well-maintained fields, with custom seeded grass, our own cut hay in netted rounds and squares analyzed yearly, drinking posts in fields for fresh water year round and large shelters. We have custom-made huge stalls in our bank barn for when the weather turns but pride ourselves on offering maximum turnout for healthy happy horses. 

Our farm is private and quiet and for this reason we are particular about making sure a boarder is a good fit. We are pleased to offer very limited space for horse boarding. Please review the details below and contact us for a meet and greet if you feel our farm may suit you and your horse. 

We welcome laid back well mannered horses. We are a great retirement home as well as being best suited to low key riding taking advantage of our trails, grass ring, round pen and fields to ride through. Fall/winter 23/24 brings the addition of a 200 X 80 indoor riding arena and re-freshed sand ring. 

The Elora Cataract trail has an entrance 400m metres from the farm driveway. 35km of a quiet trail to enjoy April - November. The Eglinton Caledon hunt club hosts many hunts and socials at surrounding farms. 

We provide top quality care but at this time we aren't taking any horses that are show focused, high maintenance or have high care needs. We may consider mare/foal or young growing horses needing a calm and quiet place to grow. 

Your horse will be part of our family and looked after primarily by us like they are our own. We cherish our special farm and welcome those looking for a similar home for their horse.  

Other information 

  • Heated tack room & reasonable tack / trunk storage. 

  • All new horses are subject to quarantine when moving to our farm before integrating into an appropriate herd. No exceptions, we take bio-security and the safety of our horses very serious and we like to get to know your horse.

  • Boarders must maintain good standing for payment to vet, farriers and any other service providers the boarder utilizes for their horse while boarding here.

  • We require all horses at minimum receive an annual check up with an equine vet that includes vaccine review/administration if needed, worming and dental if needed. The farm's vet can do this or the boarder's vet as agreed upon with the farm. Cost not included with board.

  • We also require all horses receive farrier services on a consistent schedule as determined by a farrier. Cost not included with board. The farm will hold at not extra cost for farrier service provided by the farm's farrier. Outside farriers are welcome with the boarder and farm agreeing on an arrangement for scheduling and holding.

  • No outside dogs: for safety of horses & riders and the happiness of our own dogs, we do not allow outside dogs on the farm. 

  • Boarders are required to have liability insurance (ex: Ontario Equestrian offers this or 

  • Helmets are required when riding.  

Contact The Farm

For boarding enquiries please email aelewis[at]